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No public appearance possible!

For the time being I am not available for any public appearance, nor online conferences.

Furthermore any personal requests such as (family-)counseling can not be answered. Thank you for your understanding!

September 2016

Recently I had surgery and after four years I got rid of the Tracheostomi and got my old voice back. I’m now able to work online as well as via video. Please contact me, if you want to know about possibilities and conditions.

Oktober 2015

I have now been at home – out of hospital – for a little over a year now and my quality of life has definitely improved on a few levels: I’m cooking all meals myself and fully enjoy the process, taste, textures and esthetics every day.

March 2015

The biggest and most positive change in my professional life since my last blog is that it has become possible for me to hand over the ownership and management of Familylab to a new Swiss based NGO Family Lab Association (FLA). FLA is owned by all existing and future national country leaders. These have always been financially independent and they have been the trusted “foster parents” of my brainchild. Now they have gracefully agreed to adopt it and I have become a happy grandfather. My new position is a lot easier than theirs might turn out to be. Making peer groups work is not always easy and I’m sure that our common values will be put to the test and that FLA will survive every time. I encourage  you to visit their website and sign on for passive membership as a sign of support.


Oktober 2014

As many of you know I have been through a rough patch for almost two years now.

March 2014

I was exactly here in this chair in this room last year same time and not even the sun can remove my longing to get out of here. Back then I was still planning to be up and about in the summer but in spite of my dreams, all your prayers and good wishes it did not happen. There is a quiet corner of my mind where my dream is still alive but the rest of my mind is fully occupied with coming to terms with the next few months and a life as a disabled person.

November 2013

Dear friend

It has been a while since my last update. I am sorry about that! 

July was a beautiful month where I gradually felt better and better. I began August with a wonderful holiday in a rented house close to the sea.

July 2013

Dear friends!

They were closing parts of the hospital for the summer, so I have been moved to the old department close to the lake, which means more chaos but a much nicer view. In January I expected to be out of hospital by now and now I don’t know.

June 2013

Dear friend,

Four weeks ago, the surgeons once again tried to restore my ability to speak. It seemed successful - at least for a few days. Then the scar-tissue closed the windpipe just below my verbal cords - and I was silenced. The third attempt happened on May 16th, and this time it 
feels better. I’m only able to whisper - but at least I can make myself easily understood.

April 2013

Dear friend,

Sorry to have kept you waiting for another month with news about my health. This time I am able to share some really good news with you.

March 2013

Dear friend,

I am receiving so many kind messages from you and from friends all over the world. Thank you very much! 

January 2013

Dear friends!

At the end of November 2012 I was hit by a serious neurological disease (inflammation of spinal fluid). I’m now in hospital in Denmark – hoping to regain control over my lower body and legs.

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