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November 2013

Dear friend

It has been a while since my last update. I am sorry about that! 

July was a beautiful month where I gradually felt better and better. I began August with a wonderful holiday in a rented house close to the sea.

July 2013

Dear friends!

They were closing parts of the hospital for the summer, so I have been moved to the old department close to the lake, which means more chaos but a much nicer view. In January I expected to be out of hospital by now and now I don’t know.

April 2013

Dear friend,

Sorry to have kept you waiting for another month with news about my health. This time I am able to share some really good news with you.

March 2013

Dear friend,

I am receiving so many kind messages from you and from friends all over the world. Thank you very much! 

January 2013

Dear friends!

At the end of November 2012 I was hit by a serious neurological disease (inflammation of spinal fluid). I’m now in hospital in Denmark – hoping to regain control over my lower body and legs.

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