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Oktober 2014

As many of you know I have been through a rough patch for almost two years now.

June 2014

Hi friends!
It has been 1/12 year since my last update. In Nov 2012 I was hit with a serious neurological condition - an inflamation of the spinal fluid. I spend 16 month in a rehabilitation hospital in Denmark and moved back home (in DK) a short while ago. (if interested you may check my health updates on My current status is that I'm disabled - paralyzed in my lower body - and confined to a wheel chair. The good news is that my mind is working and I'm back to writing and supervision/consulting. The latter has to be via chat because I have lost my voice, due to long term intubation but there is hope that I get it back later this year.
FamilyLab International ( is thriving thanks to the country leaders and seminar leaders and my PA Katharina.
Right now i need to find my new identity and find a new grounding with family and friends and new ways to make a living.
I wish you all a joyfull summer!!

March 2014

I was exactly here in this chair in this room last year same time and not even the sun can remove my longing to get out of here. Back then I was still planning to be up and about in the summer but in spite of my dreams, all your prayers and good wishes it did not happen. There is a quiet corner of my mind where my dream is still alive but the rest of my mind is fully occupied with coming to terms with the next few months and a life as a disabled person.

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