Jesper Juul

March 2014

I was exactly here in this chair in this room last year same time and not even the sun can remove my longing to get out of here. Back then I was still planning to be up and about in the summer but in spite of my dreams, all your prayers and good wishes it did not happen. There is a quiet corner of my mind where my dream is still alive but the rest of my mind is fully occupied with coming to terms with the next few months and a life as a disabled person.

My home community in Odder is in the process of making decisions that we hope will lead to a remodeling of our apartment there. With some luck I’ll be home around June.

How are you?......people ask and I cannot answer. I now understand why the veterans of war and torture victims (sans comparison!) I have met felt unable to describe their experiences and emotions. It seems impossible to find words that other people would be able to understand and which would describe the experience. 

My professional mind is working very well. I have been writing a few forewords for new books by other authors and a few articles. 

My upper body strength is improving slowly. In January – after almost five months in bed – I was not able to lift my MacBook Air with one hand. Now it’s easy. I’m now cooking for myself almost every day and although it takes a lot of time it’s balsamic for my soul! I really missed that.

Once I have settled at home I’ll get back to you. In the meantime enjoy the spring!


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