Jesper Juul

Oktober 2015

I have now been at home – out of hospital – for a little over a year now and my quality of life has definitely improved on a few levels: I’m cooking all meals myself and fully enjoy the process, taste, textures and esthetics every day.

I have my own crew of helpers for my morning-procedures – i.e. one helper from 07.30-12.00 – and they help with cleaning and a bit of shopping as well. Two of them are experienced therapists and healers and their supplements to my solo-exercises are invaluable. Especially for my useless legs and my right hand, which is still getting better, but far from fully recovered. They form an excellent crew for which I’m very thankful.

Apart from this I have other helpers who come and put me to bed for 1 ½ hours in the afternoon and again late evening. The rest of the time I’m (thank God!) on my own.

My extreme neuropathic pain is still overwhelming me every second day, and makes it almost impossible to do anything. I have now tried every traditional painkiller and most alternative ones including acupuncture and nothing helps – not just 10%. I’m slowly befriending my pain.

My good old friends and colleges are visiting me every now and then, which is very good and I’m busy writing new stuff and doing on-line counseling and supervision, so I still have some sense of being of value to others. I see quite a few of my old articles and other texts appearing on different web sites and it seems that a new generation find them inspirational as well as their parents and grandparents did. Interesting and reassuring!

The same is true for Familylab Association - the NGO, which took over the owner- and leadership of FamilyLab international. New countries are joining and in each country parents and professionals welcome our values and principles. It feels very good that so many new talents are taking over, giving public lectures, writing articles and books. In the past, when people told me how important my personal appearance was for FamilyLab in each country, I would always answer, that if our values and principles could not survive without me they did not deserve to survive. It does, however, feel very strange for me to realize that I’m belong more to the past that to the future.

I wish you well!!

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