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  • ”Children don’t need as much attention as they demand!
    It’s okay to say 'No'!”

  • ”Children don't need to be raised,
    they need empathic guidance as they grow.”


  • ”We don’t talk about helping. We talk about taking responsibility. Help can be bought down- town.”

  • ”Children do not need to be raised or brought up, they need empathic guidance."

  • ”You have to trust children to do their best, but that doesn’t mean that they always
    do what you think they should do.”

  • ”If you have children who are going through or have passed puberty,
    you should not interfere with their lives, uninvited.”

  • ”The instant you get divorced, you lose the right to interfere with the other person's personal and private life.”

  • ”There is just one ambition important to parents: get to know your child as much as possible.”

  • ”Developing a relationship doesn’t necessarily need to take long,
    it depends more on a mental priority.”

  • ”All children truly want to give their parents what they want.
    We presume they don’t, but they really do.”

  • ”Be careful about making playtime into a duty. Play with your child and see if you find it meaningful.”

  • ”Show children the same kind of respect
    that you would show an adult.”

  • ”Stop being so frustrated, instead think: This is the man I have, this is how he is.
    Do I want to live with him or not?”

  • ”One has, quite frankly,  to be prepared  to let the child enrich ones life, even when it hurts.

  • ”There is only one reason why children lie:
    They experience that their parents can't handle the truth.”

  • ”The quality of our relationships has very little to do
    with what we do and a lot to do with how and why we do it.”

  • ”When nothing else works,
    try telling the truth about yourself”

  • ”What made it possible for you to survive as a child,
    makes it difficult for you to live as an adult.”

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